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EyeBiz is your local Optometrist in Carrara. Located in the Carrara Shopping Center next to Woolworths. We have the very latest high tech equipment & all tests, including Behavioural Testing & OCT scans are Bulk Billed. If you have any questions please phone (07) 5573 7630.


Premium Quality Lenses at Affordable Prices

We believe that the lenses you use every day should be the very best quality. Eyebiz is part of the Eyebenefit Group which is one of the largest optical buying groups in Australia. We have the same buying power as the big multinationals. BUT!!! We have much lower overheads. If you would like to see just how good our prices really are click the ‘View Details’ link below.


EyeBiz has a wide range of Optometry services

We have the equipment, time and experience to answer the questions most people have. Including a special interest in Children’s Vision, Diseases of the Eye such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts & Glaucoma. As well as a broad depth of understanding of both Contact Lens and Spectacle Lens design. If you have questions we have answers.



Free Spectacles via the Spectacle Supply Scheme.

The Spectacle Supply Scheme is here to help Queensland Residents.


All Eye Tests are Bulk Billed

All eye tests at EyeBiz Optometry Carrara are Bulk Billed. That means that regardless of whether you are on a pension or have a Porsche you will receive the same quality of care. It also means that if you have a family history of Macular Degeneration or are Diabetic you can afford to have a worry free eye test whenever you have a concern. The test will ALWAYS be Bulk Billed.


Contact Lens Care

Have you ever wondered if you could wear Contact Lenses? Have you tried them in the past and then stopped because they became too uncomfortable? Well fortunately nowadays there are Daily Disposable Contact lenses to fit most people. Easy to use and very cost effective. Wear them to go out or for your next big sporting event. Contact lenses are fantastic for people of all ages.


We Are Lens Experts

If there is one thing we know about it is lenses. Whether you are after Contact Lenses, Multifocal Lenses or the latest High Tech Sports or Driving Lenses we can help you. Not all lenses are equal. Simply put, some lenses are better than others. Many people we see think they cannot wear Multifocal Lenses. Often that is because they falsely believe that cheap, mass produced, multifocal lenses work the same as a premium grade lens. We love showing them there is a better choice.

Mission & Values

Quality Service & Products at Affordable Prices

From the start of your journey with us you will see EyeBiz is different. To begin with we have more eye testing equipment than most of the big multinationals or ‘glitzy’ chain stores. What is even better is we do not charge anyone extra when we use it. Our mission is to supply everyone in our local Carrara community with access to the very best in eyecare.

Our second point of difference is you will never feel rushed when you visit EyeBiz Optometry. You are not simply a number in a waiting room. We value the trust you have put in us when having your eyes tested. Because your vision matters to you it matters to us. To us that means 5 minute eye tests are simply unacceptable!

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to provide everyone with affordable eye care and combine that with the very latest in lens technology. Seeing well is a requirement in modern day life. Nearly all of us drive cars and use computers. Having the right glasses is essential in our modern world.

Our Vision

OUR VISION at EyeBiz we believe everyone has the right to the very best eye care. Whether that is fitting the latest Myopic Control Lens to slow shortsightedness in children or supplying the latest UV & Blue Guard lenses to protect your eyes, EyeBiz has the right solution to solve your problem.

Our Values

OUR VALUES are based on good old fashioned values and service. Low rents and low overheads coupled with the vast buying power of the Eyebenefit Group means we have all your needs met. Industry leading nation-wide warranties all come standard. You can buy with confidence.

Mission & Values

EyeBiz Optometry

Before your eye examination all we ask is that you simply ‘compare the pair.’ Go to our Shop Local page and look at what we have to offer. Don’t just blindly follow the slick TV advertising and get ‘suckered’ into a deal that is ‘too good to believe.’ Do your checking from the convenience of your own home. Buy what you want and not what the ‘super-salesperson’ wants to sell you. Better still visit EyeBiz in Carrara and simply buy quality without the endless ‘up-sells.’


What People Are Saying

We love it that people take the time to leave comments on our Google Business page. We also know that most people are smart enough to make their own decisions.

You won’t find ‘cherry pickled’ testimonials on our website. Instead if you really want to read about us then simply type “EyeBiz Carrara” into Google and read the reviews on Our Google Business Page. We can’t pick them. Our patients choose to leave them.

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All Eye Tests Bulk Billed